Next Game:
9th Dec

Friday, 3rd December
Journal updated with two sessions worth of events.

Tuesday, 23rd November
A lot has happened since the last update, one thing being a session a few weeks ago that I have not documented until now.
Added next game preview.
Updated treasure tables with Gems and Items.

Friday, 8th October
Journal updated, default page is now month 6
Updated treasure chest
The shops are going to be messed up i think in this update - i would leave them along for a bit until i fix them. sorry. The new shops will be much better though... i hope...

Saturday, 2nd October
Updated the Guild finances page with details of the current months expenditure, i've also added Gem, Jewellery, Magic and Item sections
Updated formatting on Gods section and started adding symbols
Moved older news to the archive
Shops are here at last!... check them out for some bargains... 10% Guild discount at Melitots due to your long term ties and at Dubro's thanks to Demitrius. Download the Order Sheet to get your orders together.

Thursday, 30th September
First things first - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON F
New section added to the World Section giving an overview to the deities of the world, including the main ones for the current area. I'll get round to adding the symbols for the deities at some point soon.
Don't forget to keep thinking about your urchin and write up the 100 word details at some point.

Friday, 24th September
Journal updated

Friday, 17th September
Added Shugthee Island to the maps section
Added next game preview
Journal updated

Friday, 10th September
Added next game preview
Journal updated
Updated character page, moving Demitrius from the inactive list

Wednesday, 8th September
Added guild notices to the Guild House pages along with a new section indicating how the current members are grouped into parties.

Sunday, 5th September
Added next game preview, although it sounds more like an update... ho hum...
Guild Roster updated (you'll need to click on right hand link)
Journal updated (things in brackets are potential future things and have not occured yet)
Current Balance added for the Guild House. This does NOT include deductions for the mirror or font yet as they will be deductions for month 5 which has only just started.


The Concordat

The nature of the Prime Plane hangs in the balance. Great armies gather as the last moves are played out in this chapter of history...

What do you stand for?

Will you back one of the factions?

What, if anything is in this for you?